Toddler & WADDLERS


The Toddler classroom provides your child with the materials for independent exploration and fun. Our loving staff will encourage your child to discover and explore their  surroundings at their own pace by providing opportunities throughout the day for them to investigate, explore and play in a safe, secure and stimulating environment.


 We are sensitive to the reality that children of this age develop at their own pace. When a baby is ready to leave the Infant room they are gradually transitioned into the Toddler room. During this time, as they are becoming more mobile and are learning to walk we refer to them as Waddlers. We realize that Waddlers require a lot of attention to help them become more independent while staying safe. We strive to create a warm, nurturing and relaxed atmosphere where they can continue to progress and develop.  The children spend plenty of time outside in their private Waddler and Toddler playground developing gross motor skills as well as strength and balance. 


Learning in this group is all fun. Puzzles, building blocks, manipulatives, interactive toys and puppets are just a few of the activities that help this group develop their fine motor skills and develop more language. Our nurturing staff will facilitate the children to engage with one another to help them develop their social skills and meet their emotional needs through interactive play that they will continue to build on as they grow.