2s Class


The children in the 2s class are filled with energy and curiosity about the world around them. The teachers provide structured activites, and guidance designed to help them develop fine motor skills, explore their environment and gain new experiences.  While we are encouraging them to share and get along with each other, they are being exposed to arts and crafts, circle time, story time, and other activities that emphasize the importance of language development and social interaction. Group activities help the children learn social skills like following directions and waiting for their turn to speak and do.


Outdoor play is an important part of our daily routine and our 2s are now ready to join our large Preschool Playground where they are encouraged to ride tricycles, climb on the various play structures, and have fun on the spacious turf area all helping to develop their gross motor skills. 


We absolutely loved TMH my 2 year old absolutely excelled in their program, every day he would blow us away with a new skill. and my youngest was always smiling ear to ear when we would drop him off in the infant room. They adored their teacher and so did we, they felt like an extension of our family. I dont think I could have found a group of people who genuinely cared more about our children than the teachers at Take My Hand. We were heartbroken when it came time for us to move (out of NJ) and take the boys out of daycare.  If we ever move back there is only one daycare I will take my children and that is Take My Hand! - Hallie