Infant Room


Your baby's first year of life is an amazing time, filled with discovery and constant growth. You will feel confident leaving your  child in a nurturing environment where stimulation and the development of positive and trusting relationships are part of their daily care. Our Infant Class is full of engaging music, stories, play and language.


The infant to caregiver ratio at TMH exceeds NJ State requirements. The room is bright and spacious. This  self-contained classroom is filled with equipment that will fuel your baby's rapid development. Every child is nurtured according to their specific needs by an experienced, caring, and loving staff member. We provide endless opportunities for emotional, physical, and cognitive growth and understand the importance of keeping parents informed of their baby’s daily activities by providing a daily infant care report. Parents are always welcome to call or email throughout the day to check on their child.


Both my daughters were enrolled at Take My Hand with the oldest one graduating Pre-K 4 last year.  My oldest had been at Take My Hand since she was 2 and a half.  My youngest was only 3 months old when she first started here.  Take my hand has been a great experience for both of my daughters.  They have been like a second family.  You can tell that the teachers and staff love what they do.  Thank you!! - Alex J