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Age Range

Children in the Twos are two to three years-old. These children are ready for more organized activities.

Daily Care/ Routine

The children in this group are filled with energy and curiosity about the world around them. We provide the activites, structure, and guidance designed to help them develop their skills and explore new experiences while encouraging them to share and get along with each other.

The teachers lead the children in arts and crafts, circle time, story time, and other activities that

emphasize the importance of language development and social interaction. It is at this stage of their development that they are ready to graduate to the larger playground and interact with the preschoolers.


Group activities such as music, movement, and listening to stories help the children learn important social skills such as the ability to follow simple directions and wait for one's turn.
Riding bicycles, climbing on the various play structures, and having fun on the spacious black top and turf areas help to develop their gross motor skills. Outdoor play is a part of their daily routine.
Art materials, classroom library books, puzzles, building blocks, manipulatives, interactive toys, and puppets are just a few of the activities that help this group explore their environment and develop their fine motor skills.
For naptime, every child is provided with his/her own cot.
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