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The Toddlers

The first step into the Toddler class is the Waddlers. This is the transition from baby-hood to toddler-hood. During this time it is our goal to get the children on a toddler schedule, taking one nap a day after lunch. We are also encouraging them to eat more finger foods as well as being spoon fed. We strive to help the children become more independent, both emotionally and physically.

Age Range

The children transition from the Infant room to the Waddlers group at approximately 12 months. They then move to the Toddler group around three months later. In order to be ready for the Toddler program, your baby must be steady on his/her feet and on the Toddler Schedule, taking one nap a day.

Daily Care/ Routine

Children in both the Waddler and Toddler classes spend the day playing and practicing important personal and social skills. Interactive play with the teachers and other children engage their imaginations and help them to grow.


We provide toddlers with plenty of opportunity to investigate, explore, and play in a safe, secure and stimulating environment.
We are sensitive to the reality that children of this age develop at different rates and we strive to create a "no pressure" atmosphere.
Learning in this group is all fun. Puzzles, building blocks, manipulatives, interactive toys and puppets are just a few of the activities that help this group develop their fine motor skills.
Stories and color/object recognition activities help expand their language development.
The children spend plenty of time outside in their private toddler playground developing gross motor skills as well as strength and balance.
We supply each child with their own crib.

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