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Age Range

This class is comprised of two and half to three and a half year-old children. As their attention span increases, so do the activities we provide.

Daily Care/ Routine

In the Threes, children are busy learning the importance of group play and cooperation. Story time, music and movement, exploration of art materials, and circle time are part of their every day activities. Teachers provide a stimulating program that helps children develop their creativity and imagination.

Outside play also helps three year olds to expend energy and develop their gross motor skills. Unstructured play encourages children to explore, imagine. and create while experiencing the joy of learning through fun. Simple group games encourage cooperation and sharing.


Cooperation, creativity and compassion for their friends are the emphasis of this classroom.
Activities for children of this age group are more complex, story time is longer, and projects have more depth and meaning.
Teachers promote independence by supporting each child's individual development and encourage all children to do whatever they are capable of doing by themselves.
The threes are encouraged to chat with friends as well as with their teachers in order to develop more sophisticated social and verbal skills.
For naptime, each child is provided with his/her own cot.
In this class, children are introduced to the alphabet and numbers in a more formal way.
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