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Summer Program

     The summer program for the three to six year olds at TMH is extraordinary! It is outdoors and filled with water play, arts and crafts, games, group activities, and special guests. The weeks are each based on a different theme... Happy Birthday America, Welcome to the Circus, Under the Sea, Once Upon a Time, Wild about Nature, Over the Rainbow, Let's Take a Trip, and Going for the Gold are some of the themes we have explored over the years.

     We have special guests who come to TMH to entertain the children. Some of the exceptional visitors we have enjoyed are:

      Stretch the Silly Man brings his jokes and magic to keep the children laughing for an entire hour. He is warm, energetic, and totally engages the children. His show is filled with age appropriate comedy, tons of audience participation, magic, and puppetry.

      Jungle Jon joins us to educate and entertain at the same time! He provides a live animal show with lizards, snakes, turtles, frogs, and a variety of bugs. He explains the natural habitat and eating habits of each creature as he sings and dances around the room. His enthusiasm is contagious as he introduces the animals and invites the children to touch them.

      Local children's author, Harriet Isecke, whose books all have a message, visits the children when we are enjoying 'Once Upon a Time' week. She engages the children as she reads some of her books in big book editions.

      West African Musician, Gina Ferrera, takes us on a trip with the sound of the West African Xylophone, called the Gyil. She teaches the children about sound, rhythms, and melodies. Gina knows how to play serene music as well as energetic melodies with the Gyil. She is both a talented musician and a skilled teacher of the young child.

      As the summer comes to a close we have the TMH Olympics. This week we invite Kid-Fit and their pre-school physical fitness specialist, who teaches children how much fun exercise can be and how to maintain a healthy body. They bring props to aid in the fun and keep the kids hopping for the entire time they are here!

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