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Pre-K 4

Age Range

In the Pre-K class, four to five year-old children are challenged through a diverse and stimulating curriculum.

Daily Care/ Routine

Daily activities, which prepare them for kindergarten, include: developing language and early literacy skills, understanding math concepts, and exploring science and social studies topics.
An emphasis is placed on helping children develop the social skills necessary to work and play cooperatively and to establish long-lasting friendships.

There is also plenty of time, both indoors and out, for children to play together and to develop their coordination and gross motor skills.


The preparation for kindergarten includes a literacy program focusing on early comprehension skills, letter-sound recognition, beginning writing skills, and enjoying age appropriate books.
The math component includes feeling comfortable and confident in dealing with numbers. Children work with math manipulatives where they learn to add, subtract, sort, and count objects. They also explore a myriad of other mathematical concepts such as measurement and graphing.
Our curriculum also has a strong science component. We plant seeds, hatch chicks, and follow the development of butterflies through all the life-stages starting with caterpillars. Students also explore an array of other topics fascinating to four year olds, such as dinosaurs, space, and insects,
Computers are in the classroom and children are encouraged to become familiar with them through educational games and programs.
In this class children are introduced to the concept of homework without tears - all voluntary fun assignments!
Both structured and unstructured outdoor play are part of the daily schedule. Walks to local attractions such as a nearby park and the local library are special treats for this class.
The culmination of this class is graduation. Although we will miss them, it makes us both proud and excited to watch the children prepare for graduation day, knowing how ready they are for a successful kindergarten experience.

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