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Pre-K 3

Age Range

Three to four year-olds. All children in Pre-K 3 must be toilet trained.

Daily Care/ Routine

The children in this class are exploding with expanding interests. Their theme based curriculum is designed to boost confidence, curiosity, intellectual growth, and social skills. The curriculum and classroom provide a stimulating environment which allows each child's independent interests and personalities to flourish. We use circle time and our daily activities to teach the children the importance of following directions and being a part of a larger class.


The curriculum is focused on theme-oriented projects and play. Throughout the year different themes are used to create fun and exciting new experiences.
Circle Time, Story time, and Group Activity Time all promote opportunities for the children to develop concepts and vocabulary, explore the world of ideas, talk, listen, share, take turns, and cooperate with one another.
The children continue to develop their knowledge of the alphabet and numbers.
Both structured and unstructured outdoor play are part of the daily schedule. Walks to local attractions such as a nearby park and the local library are special treats for this class.
If children are still napping, they are provided with their own cot.
By the end of the school year, this class has developed the skills necessary for our Pre-K program.
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