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The Infant Room

Age Range

Newborns are welcome at Take My Hand. Every baby is on their own schedule.

Daily Care/ Routine

Your baby's first year of life is an amazing time, filled with discovery and enormous development. You will be confident knowing you are leaving your baby in a nurturing environment where stimulation and the development of positive and trusting relationships are part of their daily care. We provide endless opportunities for emotional, physical, and cognitive growth.
We know the importance of keeping parents informed. Throughout the day, we keep track of your baby's daily needs by completing a Daily Infant Report. At the end of the day parents are given the report so they are aware of when their baby has slept, has eaten, and has had diaper changes.


The infant to caregiver ratio is 3:1 (exceeding NJ State requirements).
The infant room is a self-contained classroom where every child is nurtured according to their specific needs by an experienced, caring, and loving staff member.
The room is bright and spacious, filled with books, music, and equipment that will fuel your baby's rapid development.
We supply each child with their own crib for you to personalize however you wish.
The babies are continually engaged in stimulating activities, using music and language to foster a healthy development.
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